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As of 1/31/14 I will no longer be doing "on-site" service or repair jobs for new customers. New customers that require service work only MUST bring their machine to my location in Midlothian, TX. I'm willing to pickup machines for customers needing repair work only.

Also, if you don't know the model of machine then please send me a picture (972) 268-0198. Although I can repair any machine on the market, I will only work on name brand machines. There are some Chinese knock-off machines out there that I will NOT even look at because they are never worth fixing. If you're unable to bring the machine to me and need me to pick it up for repairs there will now be a $50 pick-up fee that must be paid upon pickup. Once I have evaluated the machine I will call with an estimate. If you decide NOT to do repairs then you are required to pay a $50 evaluation fee. I will waive the evaluation fee if you decide to do the repairs. I'm a one man show (no employees) so my repair prices are up to 75% less than other companies. References available upon request.

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