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Frequently Asked Questions

Does  The Margarita Doctor supply the liquor?

No, we do not supply any liquor or alcohol beverages. Our mixes are concentrates that contain no liquor or alcohol.

How many drinks does one batch make?

On average about 5 gallons of product (75 nine oz. drinks). This gives 25 people about 3 drinks each. You can find a break down for each flavor on the "Mixes" page.

How much are additional mixes?

All mixes are $15.00

Can I use my own margarita mix?

No, our mix is made exclusively for Frozen Drink Machines. Other mixes will cause damage to the machine.

What size cups do you supply?

We supply 9 oz. cups. Large cups lead to waste as guests let the drink melt & throw away & get another. Also, large cups can cause machines not to keep up with the demand of the party if you have many guests.

What all is included with rental?

Rental price includes one mix, mixing jug, 50 cups, 50 straws, cart with locking wheels, skirt for cart (white or black), & heavy duty extension cord. Double machine rental includes the same plus 1 extra mix & 1 extra mixing jug.

Can the margarita machine operate outside?

Every machine on my rental fleet can run outside even in the summer, but there is NO GUARANTEE. I can only guarantee you a fully functioning machine but I can't guarantee that your outdoor outlet will be able to supply machine with enough voltage. I'll supply you with a 25 foot heavy duty extension cord that can be run indoors through a window should you have problems with outdoor outlet. I've installed digital voltmeters to all my rental machines to take all the guess work out of it. Once I plug into outlet and run machine for a couple of minutes we can refer to digital readout to ensure outlet is sufficient. Low voltage will cause machine components to overheat and in combination with the hot outdoor air will eventually cause machine to stop freezing. Machines must also be located on a hard flat surface and be in the shade at all times. There will be a considerable amount of heat coming out of the machine, so it could make things very unpleasant for you & your guests. If you have a small patio you might want to reconsider using the machine outside, especially if outside temperatures are higher than 90 degrees. 
Please note: That even if you plan on having machine outside your house you must be willing to let me through inside of home if necessary. Carts have rubber wheels so they will not damage your flooring. And I don't mind cleaning my shoes and wheels before entering your home.

What type of electrical connection do I need? 

The machine requires a minimum 15 amp dedicated circuit. The machine should be placed near an electrical outlet (No further than 25 feet from outlet). Customers should not use their own extension cords because they can cause damage to machines & your outlet. If an extension cord is absolutely necessary then you may only use the heavy duty extension cord that I supply you with.

Can I move the margarita machine to another location?

The machine must remain at the address where it was dropped off at. Moving the machine to a different address will be considered an act of theft & immediately be picked-up. You will NOT be refunded any money. Please note that all my rental machines have a tracking device & only notify The Margarita Doctor if the machine has left the address. So, it's o.k. to move the machine to a different location within the address, just make sure to drain machine to avoid spillage.

Do you allow customers pick-ups?

Absolutely not.

When do you deliver the margarita machine?

The Margarita Doctor will deliver at least one hour prior to event start time (2 hours for double machine). When you receive confirmation email it will state that I'll contact you to about a week before your event date to discuss a convenient delivery window for the both of us. Depending on our plans for said date, if I feel that machine may not be frozen in time for party I'll bring it the day before event date at no additional charge. I do my best to work around all my customer's schedules & completely understand if your life is as busy as mine. Upon my arrival I don't like waiting on customers & more importantly during the delivery window I don't like customers waiting around for me (especially if you need to run last minute errands before party). Having said that I always text at least 30 minutes away & upon your request will gladly give you more notice just let me know how much more the morning of delivery date.

What is the rental process (Day of Delivery)?

I'll text you when I'm about 30 minutes away. I'll knock on the door then hand you the mixing jugs so you can fill them up with water while I'm unloading the machine. Once I have unloaded the machine, I'll ask where you would prefer the machine. Then, I'll perform a load test on your outlet to ensure proper voltage (takes about 5 minutes). While its testing, I'll finish making the mix for you & then fill up the machine. At this point you'll see that you have received a fully functioning machine so I'll ask for I.D. & payment (if that hasn't already been done). Finally, I will verbally explain how to properly work everything & have you sign a contract (which also has machine instructions written on the back). 

When do you pick-up the machine?

I typically pickup the day after your party between 11am-7pm. The evening before I plan on coming by I'll text you a pickup window (i.e. 12-3pm) and I will text you again the day of pickup when I'm about 30 minutes away. Upon your request I can give you more notice just let me know how much more the morning of pickup date.

What if I'm unable to be home during your pickup window?

The machine must be accessible when I pick up the machine or there is a $50.00 return trip charge. All my rental machines have a tracking device and are bolted to a heavy duty utility cart with locking non-marring rubber wheels, so the machine can be left outside your home (front door, back door, garage door, ect.) if necessary. Upon delivery I'll tell you where to leave outside in the event that you're unavailable during pickup window.

What else do you need to know?

You must notify me at the time of booking if there are any steps, stairs, or anything else that may complicate the delivery. The M.D. doesn't deliver to apartments (unless on ground floor or there is elevator access). I WILL NOT carry machines up a flight of stairs even if you are willing to help, but I can handle a few small steps. If in doubt please send pic to 972-268-0198 (A good rule of thumb) From where you think I'll be parked at to the location of where you want the machine is "wheelchair accessible" then there shouldn't be a problem. Please note: That even if you plan on having machine outside your house you must be willing to let me through inside of home if necessary. Carts have rubber wheels so they will not damage your flooring. And I don't mind cleaning my shoes and wheels before entering your home.

What if I have any more questions?

If you have any questions that may arise during your party, just text (972)268-0198

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